Write Headlines that Get Attention and Attract the Right Audience Using the 5 States of Awareness

A state of awareness is the present state of knowledge about your product and the satisfaction it performs. Each state of awareness is separated from the others by a psychological wall.

The five states of awareness are:

  • Most aware
  • Product aware
  • Solution aware
  • Pain aware
  • Unaware
  • Most aware

Your customers know your product, what it does, how it works, and the problem/pain it solves.
The headline can be just the product’s name and a bargain price, and the body copy a summary of the best selling points.

Product aware

The prospect knows of your product, but he is not sure it is the right choice for him.
One of the things you can do is to display the product name in the headline and use the rest of the headline to point out your product’s superiority.

Solution aware

Prospect knows a solution to her problem exists. She doesn’t know that your product can be that solution.
Your headline should point out your product’s superiority, prove the solution can be achieved, and show that your product can fulfill the solution.

Pain aware

The prospect has a need he recognizes. He doesn’t know that there’s a product (your product) that satisfies that need.
When writing the headline, name the pain and/or its solution, dramatize that pain, and present your product as the solution.


The prospect is not aware of her desire/need/problem and has no desire to fix it. It is hard to sell your product to unaware people.
You can use content marketing to drive them to the top of your sales funnel and try to make them at least pain aware.
Always write your headline at the point of awareness your reader is.

A headline that works for product-aware prospects will not work for pain-aware prospects.