Selling a Product or Service? Try This Game-Changing Exercise

It helps you determine how well you understand your market

Legendary Gary Halbert recommended this exercise to his mentees.
The objective? Determine how well they understood their market.

Grab a timer, a pen, and some paper.

Step 1. Identify pains. Set your timer for 2 minutes. Write down every pain your market has until the timer goes off.
For clarity, use bullet points.

Take a brief break.

Step 2. Identify gains. Set your timer for 2 minutes. Write down the gains your market gets until the timer goes off. How your product makes your customers’ lives better.

Connect the dots. Now you have two lists that lead to pain relievers and gain creators you can incorporate into your copy.

If you struggled to complete the exercise, you don’t understand your market as well as you should.

What can you do? Research. Listen to your market. Talk to them. Use on-site surveys, email surveys, interviews, or review mining.

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