Don't Ever Use AI-Generated Reviews To Do Customer Research

Your copy needs the human touch 

Review mining is a great research technique to find out how your prospects describe their pain, the solution they are looking for, or the features they love or hate.

It’s essential when you have zero customers or don’t have time or budget for customer research. 

Review sites allow you to “steal” messages from people who bought products like yours.
Amazon is commonly used to do this. But it has two potential pitfalls:

  • Fake reviews. Plenty of them. Here you have a great article about how to spot them: How to spot fake reviews 
  • AI-generated reviews, which Amazon includes at the top of the customer’s reviews. They look something like this:

They are useless for customer research.

You are looking for this:

Or this:

Review mining is only powerful when you use your prospect’s exact words. The weird spelling. The bad grammar. The emotion behind their words. 
AI-generated reviews will never give you that.

Learn the step-by-step review mining process here: The Step-by-Step Process to Transform Your Customers' Words Into Persuasive Copy. The Best Part? NO Customers Needed.