CopyNotebook, a journey into the copywriting world

Hi there,

Welcome to CopyNotebook!

It doesn't matter what you sell. It doesn't matter if you call yourself a solopreneur, creator, maker, writer or small business owner. If you create something with the intention of selling it, you need to learn copywriting.

When it was time to write CopyNotebook's "About Page", I took a walk down memory lane. My first contact with copywriting was around 2008. At that time, I had lost my business and was looking for ways to make money. The Internet seemed like the best place to start so, I went all in and discovered a whole world of opportunities I knew nothing about.

I learned about blogging, SEO, digital marketing, conversion optimization, and copywriting. Back then, my career path moved toward digital marketing - SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing. I wrote the occasional sales page, but that was pretty much it. Copywriting took a back seat.

Years later, I stumbled upon one of Gary Halbert's letters, the Hands-on Experience letter, and I rediscovered copywriting. I started what I called “the Gary Halbert Challenge.” I read all the books he suggested, took hundreds of notes, and copied all the ads and direct mail letters by hand. I did almost everything he mentions in the letter, except taking the ad to a typesetter. It was a great experience, and I was hooked.

Copywriting became one of my passions. I find the combinations of old-school direct response techniques and modern digital techniques fascinating. My goal is to help solopreneurs, small business owners, and creators take control of their business copy. I believe that once you understand the mechanisms of good copy, you can and should write all your promotional materials.

I hope you enjoy CopyNotebook and what’s to come.