The 5 Core Elements Every Dedicated Landing Page Must Have

Every dedicated landing page assigned to a specific marketing or advertising campaign must have these five core elements:

1 - Unique Value Proposition

Headline and subheadline are the best places to communicate your unique value proposition.

Use the headline to present it. Be clear and direct.

Use the subheadline to further explain your value proposition or offer additional value.

2 - The Hero Shot

The hero image or video is an opportunity to show the context of use. Showing the product in use in a real-world context helps visitors visualize themselves experiencing the benefits of your product.

The hero shot can be product-focused, process-focused, or outcome-focused.

It must be relevant. By seeing only the image, is it possible to deduce what your service/product is about? If not, the image is not relevant enough.

Your hero shot and USP should work together. If they don’t complement each other, your visitor will become confused. Confusion hurts sales.

3 - List of Product Benefits

Benefits should explain how the product is solving a problem your target audience has.

Use bullet points for easy scanning.

List as many benefits as needed to move the visitor toward the CTA on the page.

4 - Social Proof

Include persuasive testimonials in your copy. The testimonials have to do one of these three things or all of them:

  • Mention a specific benefit of the product.
  • Show proof that your claims are true.
  • Compare your product to a competitor in a favorable way.

5 - Call to Action (CTA)

It is the task you want the prospect to do.

The goal of your page will define your CTA. One goal per page, one CTA per page.

CTAs are usually in the form of a button. You’ll need to consider the button design and copy.

  • The button design is a visual cue that tells the visitor where he should click.
  • The button copy tells the visitor why he should click the button.

On a lead generation page, the CTA is part of a form. When designing it, look for balance between what you are giving away and what you are asking for in return.