Edit Your Copy for Believability

Read each section of your copy putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.

At the end of each section, ask yourself “so what?”. If I’m the customer, why does this section or sentence matter to me? What is in it for me? If, as your One Reader, a sentence or a fragment is irrelevant, you’ll need to fix that section.

Highlight it and keep reading your copy while asking, “so what?” until you reach the end of your copy.

Next, make sure you have provided the necessary believability throughout your copy.

You do not have to lead always with social proof (testimonials). Other ways to provide believability are: logos, video demos or screenshots of how the product works, data proof (results others have got using your solution), and influencer proof, to name a few.

Read every section of your copy and highlight those sentences where you think more proof is needed.