Don’t Write Just an Offer... Write a Mini-Sales Letter Instead

I’m your prospect.

I’m reading your offer.

Can I make a buying decision just by reading it?

If the answer is Yes, congratulations! You have an irresistible offer in your hands.

A great offer stands alone and contains all the information the buyer needs to make a buying decision.

Next time you write an offer, write a mini-sales letter instead.

Do the following:

  • Write a headline.
  • Write some bullet points highlighting the benefits.
  • Describe what the prospect is going to get.
  • Add a call to action.
  • Give a reason to buy NOW by creating an authentic sense of urgency.

The offer must be crystal clear and sell something the reader wants and is willing to pay for.

Elements You Should Include When Writing Your Offer

  • A discount. It is the most used and abused element in offers of any kind of product.
  • Bonus or premium. Offering the right bonus will increase the final value of the product you are selling.
  • Create a bundle. Sell multiple products together as a package deal.
  • Payment terms. Give the option of one-time payment and multiple payments. Especially effective for higher-priced items.
  • Sense of urgency. Give your prospect a reason to buy right now.
  • Champion a cause. Donate a percentage of sales, time, or products to people in need.
  • Risk reversal or guarantee. The right guarantee has the power to turn your offer into a no-brainer.

You don’t need to include all these elements at once. Choose the ones that make sense for the offer you are presenting.