21 Part Sales Letter Copywrtiting Formula by Perry Belcher

This is David Frey's 12-step foolproof sales letter formula with some points added to it by Perry Belcher.

1. Call out to your audience (say whom your product it’s best for)
2. Get their attention, likely with a big promise headline
3. Backup the big promise headline with a quick explanation
4. Identify the core or most painful problem they’re experiencing
5. Provide the solution to said problem
6. Show pain of and cost of development of solution
7. Explain ease-of-use
8. Show speed to achieve results
9. Future pace (i.e., help the prospect visualize their vastly improved future)
10. Show your credentials
11. Detail the benefits of the solution
12. Insert social proof
13. Make your offer (which need not be a special offer – just an irresistible one)
14. Add your bonuses
15. Build up and amplify the value of the solution + bonuses
16. Finally reveal your price
17. Inject scarcity (if any)
18. Reduce risk with a guarantee
19. Call to action
20. Give a warning
21. Close with a reminder