QUEST Copywriting Formula

Qualify Understand Educate Stimulate Transition

Use QUEST as a guide to ensure a proper flow of your copy.

Qualify. The first step of this formula is to qualify your readers and get rid of non-prospects. To qualify your reader you can: a) ask questions at the beginning; b) show a scenario that helps your reader visualize how bad their current situation is, or how nice their life would be without that problem in it.

Understand. Show your reader that you understand them. Make the problem real and vivid. Expand on it and agitate their pain. In this section, you can also let them know about specific benefits other solutions don't have and give them reasons why they should keep reading.

Educate. It’s time to introduce your product, include proof (testimonials, case studies, demos), respond to objections, and build on credibility. Your job is to educate the reader on the fact that there is a solution to their problem, your product.

Stimulate. Present your offer and add value to it (premiums, guarantees, scarcity). List and expand on the benefits of your product, and let them know the cost of not buying.

Transition. Your call to action goes here. Summarize your offer, talk about the price, the P.S., and include additional testimonials that are outcome-based.