P.A.S.T.O.R Framework a Copywriting Formula by Ray Edwards

Person Problem Pain
Identify the person you are writing to, the problem the product is solving, and the pain your person is experiencing. Describe the problem in great detail using the readers' own language. By doing this you empathize with your readers.

Amplify and Aspirations
Stress the consequences of what will happen if the problem is not solved and the aspirations they hold for the future. Before they receive the benefits of your product, they first have to believe that they need it. Help them understand the long-term consequences of not solving their problem.

Story and Solution
Tell the story of someone who has solved the problem using your solution.

Transformation and Testimony
People don't buy the product, they buy the transformation. Articulate the results that your product or service will bring and provide real-life testimonials to strengthen your case.

Describe exactly what you are offering. Focus on the transformation and benefits your customer will receive instead of on the deliverables.

Ask the customer to buy, with step-by-step instructions telling them what to do next.

To learn more about this framework, see Ray's video Copywriting For Beginners Course - The PASTOR Copywriting Framework