Jim Edwards VSL Method Copywriting Formula

It is a copywriting formula to write a video sales letter script.

Part 1. Open with a shocking statement to grab your target audience's attention.

Part 2. State the problem and why it’s a big deal. Use a list of bullets to explain why your target audience should not ignore their problem.

Part 3. Agitate the problem. Make them see why the problem is worse than they think.

Part 4. Make it even worse for them (Push it over the line). Push the agitation even further, taking it to a deep emotional level.

Part 5. Introduce the solution. Show them that you have the solution to their problem.

Part 6. Credibility. Highlight your credibility so people know why they should listen to you. Introduce yourself and your company and explain why you have the solution they are looking for.

Part 7. Proof. Prove that what you’re saying is true. Use testimonials, case studies, screenshots of results, before and after pictures.

Part 8. Exactly what you get. List off the most important things they get from your product. Include features and benefits.

Part 9. Specific reasons to act now. People procrastinate so provide reasons to avoid inaction. Offering some bonuses is an effective and easy way to prompt people to take action.

Part 10. The close. Close by asking for the purchase and reinforcing benefits. Tell them exactly what they need to do, where, and how.

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