Bob Serling’s Power Copywriting Formula

A 36-step formula specifically for long-form sales pages. It starts with 4 prerequisites.


Prerequisite #1: You Must Have A Quality Product
Prerequisite #2: Creating And Using The Ideal Customer Profile
Prerequisite #3: Credibility Produces Maximum Profits
Prerequisite #4: The Offer is Everything


Step #1:You must conduct exhaustively thorough research before you ever write a word of copy
Step #2: Rest and percolate
Step #3: Create a comprehensive list of features, facts, and figures
Step #4: List every benefit your customer will get
Step #5: Create an irresistible offer
Step #6: Create an extraordinary guarantee
Step #7: Write a powerful, attention-seizing headline
Step #8: Use color to accentuate key points
Step #9: Keep the amount of graphics you use extremely limited
Step #10: Create a no-holds-barred opening paragraph that immediately begins to deliver on the promise made in your headline
Step #11: Eliminate all objections with “Pre-emptive Strike Credibility”
Step #12: Create enticing sub-heads that maintain your reader’s
interest and pull them through your sales piece
Step #13: To present the most powerful sales pitch possible, you must make your customers acutely aware of their most deeply felt pain
Step #14: Eliminate your customer’s pain completely
Step #15: You must establish impeccable credentials with your customers
Step #16: Lock in your credibility with an “insider’s” benefit
Step #17: Give your customers unquestionable proof that you can
deliver everything you promise
Step #18: Use “Click Bridges” to break your copy up into manageable, readable chunks
Step #19: Give your customers a powerful bullet list of benefits they get by using your product
Step #20: Briefly summarize your key benefits
Step #21: List the features of your product
Step #22: Over-deliver with a highly valuable package no reasonable customer will want to miss out on
Step #23: State the price of your product
Step #24: Issue your call to action
Step #25: Increase your profits with a Piggy-back Offer
Step #26: “Shift the Risk” to close more sales
Step #27: Bring your sales piece to a close by summarizing all the major benefits your customer gets
Step #28: Increase your response even further by using a PS
Step #29: Make it easy for people to order
Step #30: Avoid all links that take your customers away from your site
Step #31: Rest and Percolate – a second time
Step #32: Check and rewrite your copy for maximum impact