Copywriting Formula AIDPPC

Attention Interest Description Persuasion Proof Close

It is an extended version of the AIDA formula. Ideal for sales letters.
The formula is from Robert Collier and outlies what he thought was a good sales sequence.

Attention and Interest work as in the AIDA formula.
Desire here has these three elements: Description, Persuasion, and Proof.

  • Description. Describe your proposition in terms of things the reader knows. Using your words help the reader visualize in his mind a complete and clear picture of what you have to offer.
  • Persuasion. Show the reader how he is going to benefit from your product. Show what your product does and the value it will add to their lives. Show them what they gain if they do what you ask them to do and what they will lose if they refuse to do it.
  • Proof. Use testimonials, product tutorials or demonstrations that show your product does what you have said it does and better than its competition.

Close.  It is time to get the sale, or have them take the action you want. Tell the reader what to do now and provide a penalty for not doing it.