4Ps Copywriting Formula

Picture Promise Prove Push

Picture. Use your words to create a scene that your prospects can easily put themselves in. It can highlight the pain your product will solve or help visualize the perfect future your prospect wants to be a part of.

Promise. State how your solution will put an end to the painful situation you just described or how it will make that perfect future a reality.

Prove. Prove you can deliver what you have promised. Bring up testimonials, case studies, and any data that demonstrates that your solution can keep the promise you just made.

Push the prospect to take action.

A variation of this formula is:

Problem. You highlight a current problem your prospect has.

Promise. You tell your prospect exactly what your product can do to end the painful situation he is in.

Proof. Back up the promise you have made.

Proposal. This can be a simple call to action or a detailed series of steps.