Boost Your Conversion Rate and Reduce Your Prospect’s Anxiety with Well-Placed Click-Triggers

Does your call to action inspire anxiousness or tranquility?

The answer is crucial when it comes to the number of clicks your CTA gets.

Think about your call to action button as a closed door. You know what’s behind it, but your readers don't.

It’s a mystery to them.

Mysteries and sales don’t always mix well.

Our curiosity makes us want to know what happens after clicking the CTA button. At the same time, the unknown creates anxiety and fear.

Your job is to minimize your prospect's anxiety to get more clicks. By adding anxiety-reducing messaging or click-triggers near your CTAs buttons, you can achieve that.

A click-trigger is a message near your call to action that compels visitors to click the button. The message tells visitors what will happen after clicking the button, and how much work is involved.

Choose a click-trigger that amplifies the value of proceeding and neutralizes the main cause of anxiety preventing your prospect from moving forward. You can use more than one click-trigger.

Let’s see some examples of click-triggers:

Fast Sign Up — No Account Required — No Download — Free Shipping — Next Day Shipping — Free Returns — 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee — Free Support — Works on Android — #1 Best Selling — Top-Rated — Starts at Just $2.99 — Cancel Anytime — No Contracts — We Ship to the US, Canada & UK — Pay by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal — Save 20% — Ends Midnight, June 30 — No Credit Card Required

How to Use Click-Triggers in Your Copy

Use a click-trigger to explain what is going to happen on the next page.

After clicking the button I know my next step is to create a free account. But I could also check their paid plans if I decide not to click. Source: Hotjar

Add the number of people using your solution.

Basecamp tells you how many companies had signed up in the last week. Talk about social proof! Source: Basecamp

Add influential organizations using your solution.

Include the logo of known companies using your product. Crazy Egg also adds the free trial and cancel anytime click-triggers. Source: Crazzy Egg

Tell them how quickly they will get what they want.

In less than 30 seconds you can get started. Source: EventCreate

Tell them if it’s a free trial and how long the trial is.

Indicate the duration of the trial and what the user gets. In this case, you get up to 10 videos free. Source: Splasheo

Add guarantees or promises.

Hotjar promises you the tool is free forever and you have the option to upgrade anytime you want. Source: Hotjar
The money-back guarantee just below the Buy now CTA minimizes the risk of buying. Source: AppSumo

Explain how secure the service is. Use security messaging and/or icons.

Trust badges convey security on a website. Familiar brands like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Norton are trusted seals when paying online. Source: Amy Porterfield

Present proof of your credibility.

Three click-triggers to prove credibility: 300+ 5-star reviews, a money back double guarantee and trusted by over 1m+ websites. Source: OptinMonster
A review from Kindle Direct Publishing gives Kindlepreneur instant credibility. Source: Kindlepreneur

Use testimonials, star ratings, and other feedback that shows what existing customers have to say about your product/service.

Testimonial of a customer that, in this case, is a popular podcaster, author, and founder of several successful websites. Source: Content Bistro
Star ratings can be used as click-triggers to minimize friction. Source: Grammarly

Privacy messaging.

Make your prospects feel save when sharing private information with a trust badge. Source: Salesforce

Payment options messaging and/or icons.

After the initial 7 free days you know you'll pay $25 a month. Source: Treehouse

Adding click-triggers near your call to action not only contributes to lowering your prospect’s anxiety levels but also boosts your conversion rates. Anything that increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your offer will make the reader more likely to click on your CTA.