An Effective and Easy Way of Writing Your Landing Page from Scratch

The first thing you need to do is identify the following four points (Rule of One):

  • Your One Reader (your ideal customer)
  • Your One Big Idea (or culture-shifting idea)
  • Your One Promise (or desirable measurable outcome)
  • Your One Offer


Now, try this. Instead of writing the headline first, start with your landing page goal and work backward.

  • Page goal. What do you want your prospect to do? That’s your CTA. Write it down.
  • Offer. What are you exactly offering to your One Reader? Add things your prospect needs to know in order to accept your offer ( what to expect, special circumstances).
  • Objections. Figure out the objections and anxieties the prospect needs to overcome to take action.
  • Benefits and value proposition. How will your prospects benefit from what you are offering to them? Make a list of all the features and benefits. Select the benefits that will resonate the most with your target audience.
  • Headline. The last thing you write is the headline which needs to match the ad the visitor comes from.

How long needs your landing page to be?

The stage of awareness of your prospects determines how much you need to say to convince them to take action. If you want high-converting landing pages, create a different landing page for each state of awareness. How?

Start with the copy for people who are Pain Aware. This is the longest copy you will write. From it, cut sections out to fit a landing page for Solution Aware prospects. Next, cut some copy to create a page for Product Aware. Finally, make a shorter version of this page for the Most Aware.

Once you have written the first draft, check the following:

  • Have you given your prospect a good reason to accept your offer?
  • Does your headline summarize the strongest selling points?
  • Is there anything you can leave out? The copy must be concise. Edit and delete redundant copy.
  • Will the design support the copy? Copy and design should support each other and the goal of your landing page.