8 Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them in Your Copy

Sales objections are prospect questions or hesitations about either the product/service or the company. You need to address any unanswered questions and unresolved concerns.

Sometimes, an objection masks a request for more information.

Here you have 8 common sales objections and the best way to handle them.

1. "Why should I believe you?"
Showcase your credentials, experience, awards.

2. “How do I know this is really for me?”
Prove your product has worked for people that had the same problem. Provide case studies of customers like them that have used your product or service.

3. “Yeah, but will it work for ME?”
You have convinced them your product works. But, they are still not sure it will work for them. Try it! Make it easy for them to try the product and see for themselves if it’s a good fit.

A great guarantee will also help.

4. “What unique benefits do you bring to the table?”
This is where your previous competitor research will help. Solution and product aware prospects are comparing your product to similar products. They want to know what makes YOU different. Make sure to point out every feature and benefit that makes your product superior to the competitor’s product.

5. “Why should I believe your claims and promises?”
Prove it! Back up every claim and promise you make. Use carefully selected testimonials to tackle this sales objection.

6. “How is this any different than everything else I’ve tried?”; “What makes you think I’ll actually get results this time?”
Think about what makes your product different, your unique value proposition.

7. “Is this really that good of a deal?”
Time to use a good “reason why”. Demonstrate how your solution benefits them, why it is such a good deal.

8. “I’m not ready to act today?”
Inject urgency in your copy. Time and/or quantity limits. Tell readers why they have to take action today and not tomorrow.

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