6 Elements You Should Include to Make Your Offer Irresistible

An irresistible offer stands alone and contains all the information the buyer needs to make a buying decision.

Let’s see some important elements you should include in your offer. You don’t have to use all of them at once.

Choose only the ones that make sense for the offer you are presenting.

1. Discount

This is the most used and abused element in offers of any kind of product. There are different types of discount offers you can use: Dollars off offer, “Reason why” sale, Introductory price, Relationship discount, Group discount, Quantity discount, Early-bird discount, Price matching, Trade-in.

2. Bonus/Premium

Time-limited bonuses encourage people to take action immediately. The right bonus will increase the final value of your product. Ask yourself, “How useful is the bonus I’m offering in relation to the goal of the person buying the main product?”

3. Create a Bundle

Sell multiple products together as a package deal. It’s a more expensive purchase, but you offer a discount on the items when they’re purchased together.

A bundle increases the value of your offer simply based on quantity. But, bundling an expensive product with an inexpensive one can lower the perceived value. A couple of tips to do it right:

Don’t mix a cheap item and an expensive one.

For products with different values, establish first the value of the individual items, especially the most expensive ones.

Focus on non-price attributes of the product (durability, comfort, design, speed).

4. Payment Terms

Give the option of one-time payment and multiple payments. The one-time payment should be less expensive overall.

You can also offer annual payments vs. monthly payments.

When preparing your payment terms, apply the decoy technique. Highlight the offer you’d like the customer to choose by offering other options that, in comparison, look inferior.

5. Sense of Urgency

Scarcity and urgency eliminate procrastination. Give your prospect a reason to buy right now.

6. Guarantee

Transfer the risk from their shoulders to your shoulders with a strong guarantee. There are three basic things you can guarantee: Your product, your service, and the results.

The right guarantee has the power to turn your offer into a no-brainer.