4 Proven Copywriting Tips to Craft Emails Your Subscriber Loves To Open and Read

#1. Always follow the Rule of One

The Rule of One makes your copy specific and clear.

Keep your email focused on one thing - one goal, one reader, one offer, one value proposition, one call to action.

Give every element of your copy just one work to do:
- "From" line gets people to look at the subject line.
- Subject line gets people to open the email.
- Hook gets people to read your body copy.
- Body copy gets the reader to desire whatever you are offering.
- Call to action gets people to click.

#2. Targeted trumps generic - Use the power of segmentation

Don’t send the same email to everyone on your list. Subscribers have different purchasing histories and different levels of engagement. The more you know about them, the better you can segment.

With segmentation, you are dividing your list into manageable segments of people that have something in common. Knowing what they have in common you can deliver emails that are more relevant to them.

#3. Give the reader a reason to open your email

Subject lines get your emails open. Give your reader enough information to desire more.

Your subject line is a good place to use an open loop. Tell your reader enough to pique their curiosity and leave them itching to close the loop. Then use your body copy to close it.

Use sentence case for better comprehension and reading speed. And make the first four, or five words count because your reader might not see the rest, especially on mobile.

4# Use these powerful copywriting techniques on your body copy

The battlefield technique
Land your reader right in the middle of the action to capture his attention immediately. Cut the fluff and go straight to the point.

The open loop
If you have used an open loop in your subject line, close it in your body copy.

You can also open a loop in your body copy and close it either at the end of the email or direct your reader to a sales page and close it there.

Or finish your email with an open loop that you promise to close in your next email.

CPTS your copy
Make your copy more eye-catching by adding visual quality to the sentences with CPTS.

  • Color. Incorporate color into the story you tell.
  • Pattern. Mix your sentence lengths to add a pattern. Combine short sentences with long ones.
  • Texture. Use punctuation, capitalization, symbols (like & or + signs), parentheses, numerals, emojis, asterisks, ellipses (...), and dashes.
  • Shine. Use onomatopoeia (words like boom, whoosh, meh), rhyming, or alliteration.
CopyHackers emails are a great example of the CPTS technique

Even if
Overcome your reader’s objections with the “Even if" technique. It connects the desired outcome with the objection or anxiety that keeps people from believing they can enjoy that outcome.

Future pacing
Close sales with future pacing. Get your reader to imagine their lives with your product in it.

Learn more about future pacing here: How to use future pacing to help your prospect imagine a better life