13 Ways to Make Your Copy More Specific with Examples

Copy that speaks to everyone, speaks to no one.

Specificity makes your copy clear, credible, and trustworthy.

In the article Your Copy Doesn’t Convert? Try Adding Specificity to The Mix, you can find why specificity is important and how to make your copy more specific when writing your first draft.

Let's see 13 things you can try today.

#1 - Make your headlines specific and descriptive.

Specific headline. It's clear what you can do and how long it will take. Source Splasheo
Specific and descriptive headline with offer included. Source: Purple

#2 - Make your hero image relevant and specific to your product or service.

Splasheo uses a relevant image specific to its product.

#3 - Write a call to action that is relevant to your business.

The CTA is relevant to the business activity -website optimization tools. Source: CrazzyEgg

#4 - Use facts and figures when it makes sense.

For recruitment companies, it makes sense to show the number of companies, hires, and candidates. Source: Workable

#5 - Be specific in your examples of how to use your product.

Don't be afraid to list all your product's use cases. Source: Trello

#6 - Be specific in your examples of when to use your product.

Tell your customers the specific situations that call for your product or service. Source: Sundae

#7 - Specify how your product works.

Let your customer know how your product works. Source: BarkBox

#8 - Be specific in your examples of outcomes of using your product

OptinMonster's behavior automation platform specific outcomes for an ecommerce site. Source: OptinMonster

#9 - Names of businesses that trust and use your product.

Don't be shy. Show the companies trusting and using your product or service. Source: Notion

#10 - The number of hours saved, pounds lost, customers using your software, clients served…

Be specific with the results participants got from your program. Source: EatFatGetThin

#11 - Specific and relevant case studies or testimonials.

Specific testimonial indicates the results obtained by using this link-building tool. Source: Respona
Testimonial with specific results after using OptinMonster. Source: OptinMonster

#12 - Titles of people who are ideally suited to use your product.

Be specific when telling who the product is for. Source: SimplyBusiness

#13 - Transform important messages into mental images by using sensory words and metaphors.

Like picking berries and fruits straight from the branch. Source: Innocent Drinks
Specificity helps your reader imagine how it feels to use your product. Source: Lush
Paint a picture with words with sensory words. Source: Pourri