13 Copywriting Tips to Write a Strong Call to Action

1. A great rule of thumb when writing a call to action is to make your button copy complete the sentence:

“I want to ________________” or "I want you to  ______________"

2. Start with a strong command verb that indicates the action you want the reader to take.

3. Sell benefits, no features. Give a reason to take the desired action. What is in it for the reader? A free consultation, early access, a gift, a free trial?

4. Give your CTA a sense of urgency (scarcity, time-limit). People hate missing out on something, so focus your CTA on that.

Now — Limited Time — Only (X) Available — One-Time — Only 24 Hours Left — Sale ends on Friday — Expires Soon

5. Take away the risk. Covey the feeling that the reader has nothing to lose.

Try it Free — Try 30 Days Free — Sign Up — It’s Free — Join Free for a Month

6. Focus on instant reward. Don’t make people wait, give them access to their product immediately.

Today — Now — Instantly — In Seconds — Instant Download

7. Use your customer’s language.

8. Use a secondary CTA on pages visited by users with different stages of awareness, such as the homepage and product pages.

  • Use a CTA like Buy, Download Now, Book a Demo, Book a Consultation for the most aware visitor.
  • Use a CTA like Learn More, Watch Video, View Demo for visitors that are solution or problem aware and need more information before buying.

9. Use A/B testing to see which CTA brings you more clicks. Experiment with pricing information in your CTA (pricing, discounts, promotions, incentives.)

10. Convey excitement by using exclamation marks. Use them only when it makes sense.

11. Use first-person speech. “My” instead of “Yours”. A/B test to see which one works better for you.

12. If the CTA is a button, it should be clear where to click. A high-contrast color in your CTA button attracts your reader’s attention.

13 - Keep it simple.