The 7 Features You Need To Make Your Sales Copy Great

Ever wonder what great sales copy looks like?

According to master copywriter Clayton Makepeace, it must have these 7 features: 

1- It enters the conversation your prospect is already having with himself. The headline and the opening copy address something he’s already thinking about, worried about, afraid of, or excited about.

2- It begins by solving a current problem, not preventing a future one.

3- It goes beyond talking about the product benefits. It recognizes your prospects’s feelings about enjoying the benefits of your product.

4- It explores all the benefits the product delivers to the prospect. It leaves nothing out.

5- It fully dimensionalizes the value of the product. It compares the value of the benefit you deliver to what the problem is costing your prospect. 

6- It minimizes the price.

7- It includes an urgency factor in your sales copy and offer.