How to Analyze Your Survey Results to Write High-Converting Copy

Using on-site and email surveys you can discover your prospects’ pain points, their hesitations, and objections. Let’s see how to analyze the results you get to write better copy.

Initial Preparation

  • Create a spreadsheet to compile your customer quotes.
  • Create a tab for each question asked.
  • Create a table with 4 columns where you’ll copy-paste the responses. Columns: 1-Needs/Wants 2-Pain Points 3-Hesitations/Concern 4-Things They Love.


  • Go through your survey responses and look for the following:
  • Phrases that tap into the customer’s needs/wants. Things they say they want to achieve by using your product. Phrases that tell you how they felt before and after buying your product.
  • Phrases that tap into the customer’s biggest pain points.
  • Phrases that are hesitations or concerns about purchasing the product. Why they considered not buying from you.
  • Phrases that contain words like desire, want, hope, would love, or that mention things they don’t have.
  • Things your customers like the most about your product (possible core benefits.)
  • Copy-paste your findings in your table. Find and summarize recurring themes.
  • Make a list of frequently used words. Copy-paste words you notice several people using to describe your product/service, how it makes them feel, or what prompted them to seek you out. Rearrange the list from more used to less used.


  • Identify 10 compelling quotes that match at least one of the following criteria:
  • Especially insightful quotes that help you understand how your customers view or feel about their problem or your solution.
  • Well said or sums up a point nicely.
  • Sentences showing what people rave about.

Last step

  • Make a summary of your findings, along with how your copy will address them. Create a table with the following categories:
  • What customers want/need from your business
  • How your business solves your customer’s problem
  • Reasons for choosing your business
  • Doubts and hesitations to become a customer