Best YouTube Channels to Learn Copywriting

Don't let the number of subscribers fool you. The channels below are value-packed—plenty of tips and how-tos to learn copywriting, marketing, and conversion. I'll keep adding new channels as I discover them.

Channel Name: Alex Cattoni
Copywriters: Alex Cattoni

What is about: Copywriting and marketing tips. Topics like social media marketing strategy, email marketing, marketing psychology, how to find copywriting clients, how to start copywriting, how to write sales copy, and more.

When: Every Wednesday

Channel Name: Game of Conversions
Copywriters: Csaba Borzási

What is about: 100-Day Proven Sales Letter Breakdown Challenge. This Proven Sales Letter Breakdown playlist is a valuable collection of the best copywriting examples by the top copywriters in history.

When: Three or four videos a month

Channel Name: Kopywriting Kourse
Copywriters: Neville Medhora

What is about: Covers a variety of copywriting topics such as common mistakes, copywriting exercises, and copywriting principles.

When: one or two videos a month

Channel Name: CopyHackers
Copywriters: Jo Wiebe

What is about: Tutorial Tuesdays, 15 to 30-minute how-to videos covering different aspects of copywriting. Very actionable material.

When: every Tuesday

Channel Name: Breakthrough Marketing Secrets
Copywriters: Roy Furr

What is about: He shares daily videos about proven direct response marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneurship success strategies.

When: daily

Channel Name: Copy That!
Copywriters: Alex, Rod, Luke, and Sean

What is about: In every episode, they talk copy, share resources, and provide an over-the-shoulder look at what they do to write copy that sells.

When: Every week

Channel Name: Copy Squad
Copywriters: Kyle Milligan

What is about: He offers copywriting tips and tricks for beginners and veterans alike. Pay attention to his copywriting breakdowns, you'll learn a lot from them.

When: Every week