4 Techniques to Uncover Your Visitors State of Awareness and Write High-Converting Copy

A prospect lands on your web page. How much do you need to say to convince them to choose your product or service? Well, it depends on their state of awareness or how much they already know about your product.

The states of awareness go from knowing everything (most aware) to knowing nothing (unaware). The other three states of awareness (product aware, solution aware, pain aware) are the ones you should concentrate your efforts on.

Here you have 4 techniques to help you uncover your visitor state of awareness.

On-site Surveys. Easy, quick, and cheap way to get feedback. Use a pop-up survey to ask an open-ended question like “What’s happening in your life that brought you here today?” The answers will give you a more clear picture of your visitors.

Chat Logs. Go over the transcripts from your online chat and instant messaging conversations. The type of questions prospects are asking gives you an idea of their level of awareness. Basic questions show a low awareness level, more complex or technical questions indicate higher awareness. Don’t have a chat log? Talk to your sales team. They know the most common questions prospects ask.

Search Phrases. Go to your Analytics tool and analyze the search terms bringing traffic to your site. Understanding the search intent behind those terms or phrases will give you a clear picture of your audience and its states of awareness. Product and brand name terms show high awareness. “How to” phrases usually indicate pain aware looking for a solution.

Ads Campaigns. If you are running retargeting campaigns, your audience is product or solution aware. They have already interacted with your brand. They know your products and what your company does.

Use the information you’ll get from these four techniques to write the copy that matches your prospect state of awareness.