Your Roadmap to Writing Copy that Converts

Your Roadmap To Writing Copy That Converts

Be The Copywriter Your Product Needs

  • The proven process conversion copywriters follow every time they write a piece of copy
  • 218-page ebook of no-fluff-conversion-copywriting-goodness
  • 170+ copywriting resources to dive deeper into each chapter
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No one knows your product better than you.
You have imagined it. Created it. Lose sleep over it.
Now, it's finally here. It's finished.

And you are so damn proud of it that you want everyone to know about it. So when it's time to promote it, it only makes sense that you are the one writing the copy. Right? You start typing some of the things you know about your product.

Its features.

Its price.

The Buy Now.

And then...

... the inspiration ends. You don't know what else to say or how to say it. Should you talk about your previous experience? Mention all the features or just a couple of them? Wait! Is this a feature or a benefit?

The clock is ticking and still nothing.

You feel you are too slow because THIS is taking too much time. Time you could invest doing your thing.
You try a few copywriting formulas you've found online. But even the fill-in-the-blank templates are not helping.

It’s frustrating!

You want to scream, throw everything away and stop feeling stuck. And to make it worse, when you read the few lines you got on paper… you start second-guessing yourself. Your copy doesn’t sound like you. It doesn’t seem punchy enough. Eloquent enough.

I get it. I've been there.

The need to put words on paper. But not any word. Not gibberish or rambling messes. Words that make sense. Because now you realize that someone else is going to read them and decide if you and your product are worth the attention.
It doesn’t matter if your product is great or your service is top-notch. If you don’t get the reader’s attention and convince them that your product is worth it… nothing will happen.

So what started as a good idea has turned into a nightmare.

Writing copy can be a hard and painful process.

Writing copy that converts is harder. Even when you know your product inside and out.

You don’t need to be an expert copywriter to write your own copy. But don’t expect to sit in front of a blank page and start typing a sales page that makes people want to buy your amazing product.

It doesn’t work like this.

If you believe that, you are making writing copy unnecessarily hard and painful.

Copywriters rarely sit in front of their computers and start typing high-converting pages from the top of their heads.
They don’t wait for inspiration. They don’t guess what to say.

Copywriters follow a process. A proven process that works for them every time they need to write a promotional piece.

That’s what you need.

Your Roadmap to Writing Copy that Converts is the proven process that will help you write the copy for your new product, landing page, email sequences, or any other promotional material you need.

What Will You Learn

Your Roadmap to Writing Copy that Converts is a 218-page ebook of no-fluff-conversion-copywriting-goodness. Seventeen chapters that cover the proven process conversion copywriters follow. Plus 170+ copywriting resources to dive deeper into each chapter.

The ebook is divided into four parts: Research & Discovery, Writing, Editing, and Copy Validation & Testing.

Part 1 - Research & Discovery Phase (Chapters 1 to 3)

In this phase, you will learn how to collect the data you need to identify the right messages and their hierarchy. How to use techniques such as review mining, surveys, and one-on-one interviews to gather the insights you need.

Part 2 - The Writing Process (Chapters 4 to 12)

From writing attention-grabbing headlines (Chapter 4) to writing strong call-to-action copy (Chapter 12), and all the elements in between. We'll see how to write a first paragraph that keeps the reader's attention (Chapter 5). The difference between features and benefits, and how to transform features into benefits (Chapter 6). How to use bullet points as more than a mere formatting trick (Chapter 7). How to support your claims with evidence using testimonials (Chapter 8). The best way to handle common sales objections (Chapter 9). And, finally, how to write an irresistible offer (Chapter 10) and a risk reversal or guarantee that puts the risk of buying on your shoulders (Chapter 11).

Part 3 - Editing Your Copy (Chapters 13 to 15)

Editing is as important as writing, if not more. Here you refine your copy so it expresses what you really want to express. We are going to edit for grammar, scanners, messaging, clarity, believability, emotions, and zero risk in chapter 13. We’ll see how to edit your copy for voice and tone in chapter 14 and for specificity in chapter 15.

Part 4 - Copy & Validation Phase (Chapters 16 and 17)

You want to present the best possible version to your ideal prospect, or your client if you are writing copy for someone else. In chapter 16, we’ll see four different ways you can use to validate your copy. The last chapter covers the basics of A/B testing (Chapter 17).

Take a Look at The Table of Contents

Intro: A Brief Introduction to Conversion Copywriting and Its Fundamentals

PART 1: Research & Discovery
Chapter 1: Where is Your Prospect in the Buyer’s Journey – The 5 Stages of Awareness
Chapter 2: Understanding Your Customer’s Why – Voice of the Customer
Chapter 3: How to Use Customer Research to Write Your Value Proposition

PART 2: Writing
Chapter 4: How to Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines Using the Stages of Awareness to Select the Right Audience
Chapter 5: Get Them to Read the First Sentence
Chapter 6: How to Transform Features into Benefits
Chapter 7: Bullet Points Are More than a Formatting Trick
Chapter 8: The Selling Power of Testimonials
Chapter 9: How to Handle Sales Objections
Chapter 10: Write an Irresistible Offers for Your One Reader
Chapter 11: Put the Risk on Your Shoulders with The Guarantee
Chapter 12: Write Calls-to-Action Your Reader Can't Help But Click

PART 3: Editing Your Copy
Chapter 13: Spot Mistakes, Cut the Fluff, Kill Your Darlings... It's Editing Time
Chapter 14: Edit for Voice and Tone
Chapter 15: Edit for Specificity to Make Your Copy More Credible

PART 4: Copy Validation & Testing
Chapter 16: Is Your Copy on the Right Track?
Chapter 17: How to Test Your Copy with A/B Testing

Copywriting Resources

Some Conversion Copywriting Goodness Waiting For You Inside This Ebook

  • High-converting copy starts by answering a key question, "What does your customer or prospect already know about you and your product?" Learn how to answer it in Chapter 1.
  • The step-by-step method you can use to uncover your customers’ pains, desires, motivation, and wants even if you don’t have any customers yet. (See pages 32 to 36)
  • The best copy starts in your prospects' heads, you just have to steal their words using the three techniques you’ll find in Chapter 2.
  • Learn how to craft a value proposition that answers the question, "Why should I (your ideal prospect) buy from you rather than any other competitor?"
  • How to use the 5 stages of awareness to select the right audience and write attention-catching headlines.
  • Six techniques copywriters and writers alike use to hold the reade's attention long after reading your headline.
  • 3 Easy and quick steps to transform your product features into real benefits your prospects will love.
  • 5 Easy steps you need to follow to convert a simple list of facts into "teaser" bullet points your prospect can't help but read (pages 104-106)
  • How to strategically use testimonials to address sales objections, and tackle friction points, Chapter 8.
  • 4 Tools that help you anticipate your prospect sales objections so you can handle them in your body copy, see page 119.
  • How to write offers your ideal prospects find irresistible, and 7 elements you should consider including when writing one.
  • 8 Ways to create urgency in your offers and make your prospect act right away.
  • Stop your prospects "what ifs" once and for all by taking the risk out of their shoulders, see how in Chapter 11.
  • 14 Tips to help you write powerful Calls to Action and one simple thing you can do to reduce the anxiety of clicking your call to action button,see page 157.
  • 9 Editing stages you need to cover to ensure your copy is amazing before publish it.
  • Help your reader visualize how the product would work or what it would look like in their lives by creating vivid word pictures, see pages 177-181.
  • 4 Quick and easy ways to validate your copy and ensure it's on the right track.
  • How to use the 5 Seconds Test to validate your value proposition, hero section, headline and subheadline, Facebook ads, email subject lines, and the clarity of your offer, among other things. (Pages 185-190)
  • How to set up an A/B test step-by-step to know what words, phrases, videos, images, and testimonials work best. (Pages 200-202)

Who Is This Ebook For

Your Roadmap to Writing Copy that Converts is for you if

  • You are a creator who needs to sell and promote a product (digital or physical).
  • You have no idea where or how to start writing the copy that will sell your product. The only thing for sure is that you want to write the copy yourself.
  • You know you need a landing page or a sales page, writing is not your thing, but you have to do it anyway.

It doesn't matter what kind of product you have created - a course, a book or ebook, an app, a SaaS, or a physical product. If you have something to sell, you need to write copy that converts. Your Roadmap to Writing Copy that Converts can help you with that.

Here Is An Overview Of What You Get

218-page ebook of no-fluff-conversion-copywriting-goodness

Which includes 170+ hand-picked resources to dive deeper into the topics cover in each chapter. This ebook covers the proven process pro copywriters follow every time they need to write copy that converts: Research & Discovery, Writing, Editing, and Copy Validation & Testing.

A 36-page workbook to help you implement all the things you learn in Your Roadmap to Writing Copy that Converts ebook.

It covers specifically the research and writing phase. Use the implementation workbook every time you need to write a piece of copy.

An Excel template to help you organize your research.

Often times, research gets messy. You gather a lot of data that needs to be organized. Use this template to have a clear picture of messages and message hierarchy.

Get a proven process that will help you write the copy for your new product, landing page, email sequences, or any other promotional material you need.